Suprunovka 2000.

We living here and we are working over here.
We drink, we eat and we are dancing over here.
And we no need no bar, no beach, no casino.
We living fun with out that long time ago.
We having all: the vodka, cleaning table, glass.
And you can smoking out home on the dirty grass.
But be attention, garden has a fucking cocks.
They smash and kill all the people with out talks.

We loving all for you, Suprunovka 2000,
Because the land like you
We can`t never be a found it.

End we spend here all the birthdays and holidays.
All what we need our Suprunovka has.
The brad and butter, salad, water and green peace.
And gives the morning drink to us the ruzzik sister.

And if you want to live O.K. and very good
Let`s go to Suprunovka, this place inside the wood.
And there GreeN SoplS talk about all to you.
Let`s go to Suprunovka if you don`t, we said: Fuck you!

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